Navigating Your Inventory

Navigating Your Inventory

Go to the Instruments Module.

Within your Instruments Inventory, you will see several options to search by and export. As you begin typing, your filters will narrow down what items come up in your search.

Find an Individual Instrument

  • Search by Serial #
  • Owner Identifier - a the series of numbers/letters assigned to an Instrument that was created by the District or Owner of the Instrument.
    • Ex. WHS284503
  • Barcode
  • or Case ID

Find a Group of Instruments

  • Search by Make or Model
  • *Type - to see a breakdown of Types and Subtypes, click through to our Help Document here.
  • Purchased - year this item was purchased.
  • Location - where this item was stored.
  • Condition

Find By Assignment

  • Search by Assigned to
  • Or only search for Instruments that haven't been assigned to a Student

Find by Inspection Dates

  • Search by Not Inspected in 6 Months
  • Not Inspected in 12 Months
  • Never Inspected

Once you have entered the filters you want to search by, you can now extract your results.

Your search results will display in the bottom table Instrument Listing with the following columns to sort by;

  • Make 
    • Model
  • Type
    • Subtype
  • Year
  • Location
    • Condition
  • Serial #
    • Barcode
  • Owner Identifier
  • Cade ID

Exporting Your Data

Click on the green "Export" button to choose what data appears in your Extract.

Then click "Export".

Viewing an Instrument

Click on the Instrument you wish to view. You will see an overview table with the following information:

  • Type
  • Make & Model
  • Condition
  • Location
  • Owner Identifier
  • Serial #
  • Barcode
  • Case ID
  • Purchased (year)
  • Purchase Price
  • Current Value (estimated from industry-standard depreciation schedule)
  • Repair Total

You will also see an Instrument Data Score at the top of this table, which indicates if there are fields of data which were unknown when this instruments information was added to your account's Inventory.

Click on "improve this score?" to update this item if and when this information becomes available to you. Click "Save".

*NOTE: It is not required for you to fill in 100% of your Instruments' information. But it can be useful to have on hand when making a case to your Administration when replacements become necessary for certain items.

Instrument Management

Under the Instrument Management Tab you will see the following areas:

Assignment History

To return the item to your Inventory, click "End Assignment". To learn more about checking out an item to a Member, click here.

Repair History

To learn more about Repairs, click here.

Inspection History

To learn more about Inspections, click here.

Location History

To learn more about Storage Locations, click here.


For more information about Transferring Instruments, click here.

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