Barcode Scanning and QR Codes

How to Scan Barcodes

Go to the Instruments Module.

At the top of the page you will see a blue "Scan Barcode" button. Click on that and allow the system to access your camera.

This will bring up your camera. Place your barcode in front of the camera to scan the barcode automatically.

How Create a QR Code

Go to the Instruments Module and search for the instrument you need to generate a Case Tag/QR Code for.

In the Instrument's page, click the green "Case Tag" button.

Then click on "Print Case Tag", which will print off a business card sized QR Code Tag.

Note: If you're looking to print these in bulk, check out this page: Bulk Printing Case Tags

PRO TIP: You can put these Case Tags into luggage tags and put them on the cases of the Instruments.

*NOTE: If an Admin scans the QR Code with their phone, it will take them right to the Instrument's Page.

If anyone who doesn't have administrative access scans this (maybe they found this instrument left by accident at a bus stop), they will be taken to a page with more info on who to contact.

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