Adding Users

User Roles:


  • The "Admin" user role would typically only apply to a District account in CutTime. Users with this role are usually district-level administrators or teachers who have been tasked with managing the inventory for their entire district.


  • The "Teacher" user role would apply to a typical teacher or staff member at a school. These users have full permissions for all features in a school/program level account in CutTime.


  • The "Booster" user role would apply to anyone that is not a teacher but has permission to log in and use CutTime as a full user. This is not the same as a Guardian who can only view the student dashboard using a magic link - for more information about adding Guardians, see the Guardian Import Overview help doc. While Boosters currently have the same permissions as Teachers, partial permission functionality will be supported in the future to limit Booster functionality as necessary.
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