Deleting and Retiring Instruments

In order to remove instruments from your view in CutTime and "archive" the data, you can send your instrument's unique serial #, Owner ID, Barcode, or Case ID to your district-level administrator, and they can "retire" that instrument.

In the case of a duplicate or incorrect instrument entry, you can contact to remove that incorrect data. When applicable, please ensure the appropriate parties are notified of any data changes.

Retiring Instruments

As the district-level administrator, you can log into your district dashboard and can go to your instruments module.

  • Search for the instrument using the serial #, Owner ID, Barcode, or Case ID, and click that instrument when you find it.

  • Scroll down through the "Instrument Management" section until you find the "Retire Instrument" button.

  • Finally, add the reason for retirement and click "Save."

  • Your instrument is now retired and out of circulation in CutTime! The data is still archived in case you ever to need to reference it.
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