Volunteer Management

This article is for Admin/Teacher/Booster users on a CutTime account. For details on how to sign up for a volunteer opportunity as a guardian, see the video on that topic in this series: https://gocuttime.com/features/see-cuttime-for-guardians

Video walkthrough -

Written walkthrough -

Creating a volunteer job

  1. Click Events on your program dashboard.

  1. Find the event to which you would like to add a volunteer position and click the event title.

  1. Click "Add job opportunity."

  1. Add a Volunteer Job Title, Event start and end time, how many volunteer slots are available, and a description for the volunteer opportunity. You can also add an "Optional Value" if there is a financial incentive to this volunteer opportunity. Then, click "Save."

Now, your guardians can see that volunteer opportunity on their dashboard and sign up to volunteer!

Now the opportunity will show up as a green flag on the event in the events page.

At any point, you can see all of your volunteer opportunities in one place. Here, you can see each opportunity, view and remove volunteers that have signed up, and edit the opportunity all in one place.

Volunteer Reminder Notifications

CutTime Automatically sends out a text 24 hours before the volunteer opportunity begins. It provides their magic link to sign in and check on the event details to make sure they are up-to-date!

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