Guardian/Member Login Troubleshooting

This article is for program members and guardians. For program admin or booster login troubleshooting, see this article.

Logging into CutTime

As a member of the program or as a guardian, your login is your "magic" link that you may have received in a text message from your program administrator. See this article for more details on your magic link.

When you click that link, you may be prompted to enter a verification code that is sent to your phone. Once you do that, you're logged into your member/guardian dashboard!


Why do I have to re-verify myself every time I click the magic link?

If you bookmarked your dashboard URL instead of your actual "magic link," then CutTime will redirect to a page that requires verification every time, so make sure you bookmarked your magic link!

Additionally, if you're using a "private browsing" or "incognito" mode in your internet browser, you'll be asked to re-verify every time because the "private" browser tab is deleting the information used to store that verification. Open up a non-private tab and then click the magic link, you may have to verify yourself one last time before it's able to store that information properly.

How do I find out my username or reset my password?

You actually don't have a username or password with this iteration of CutTime! Your login is your "magic" link, so there is no need for either of those credentials.

What if I lose my magic link?

You can go to this page and click either the "Guardians" or "Members" page under that traditional login interface, and it will ask for your phone number. If your phone number is correctly recorded in your program's CutTime account, then you'll receive your magic link shortly after you enter your number there!

What if I'm not receiving any texts from CutTime to get my magic link in the first place?

Your phone number may be incorrect or absent from your program's CutTime account. In which case, you would need to contact your program administrator to correct or add your information to the account.

If this is the case, or even if something else is preventing the text message from being delivered, CutTime will trigger an email to be sent to you if your program has that information on file. Check your email to see if the message was delivered there.

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