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This article is for current Classic Account Administrators who have communicated with CutTime support to establish a new Next Generation of CutTime account and migrate their data from

If you are not sure whether your school district / school program / community program has initiated their migration to the Next Generation of CutTime, get in touch with your Fine Arts Administrator or Coordinator.

Article Contents

  • Quick Overview
  • Planning Your Migration
  • Executing Your Migration (CutTime Account Set Up, Classic Exports, Next Gen Imports)
  • Communicating Your Migration

Before Your Begin, Here’s a Quick Overview of What to Expect

We’re excited to bring your program over to the Next Generation of CutTime system. Your migration will consist of the following activities:

We’ve prepared this guide, helpful articles, videos, frequently asked questions and ready-made materials to support your transition. You can call on us for additional support via our online chat which is available M-F 9am-5pm EST from the beacon located in the bottom right corner of our website at You can also email us anytime at If needed, we can also schedule a virtual consultation to help troubleshoot along the way.

Planning Your Migration

We recommend that you take time to plan your program(s) migration activities in advance to ensure the smoothest transition as possible. Consider the following:

  • Programs that are not using Instrument Inventory, Attire/Uniforms, or Music Library features can move fairly quickly.
    • UPDATE! Additional Self-Importing Tools now available to speed up your move! These tools are available for Students, Guardians, Instruments, and Attire. (Music Library in development).
  • Pre-schedule your ‘Migration Week’ before the end of the 23-24 school year (don't wait for the summer as the Classic CutTime system will cease operations and shut down on August 30, 2024)
  • Set the ‘end date’ for final updates and member communication in your Classic account (starting March 1, 2024 read-only mode will occur 45 days after your migration begins)
  • Mark dates to inform your staff, helpers, and members about the upcoming change to the Next Generation of CutTime
  • Make sure to white list the CutTime IP addresses and domain names so you and your colleagues do not miss important communications from us

If you are an Administrator / District Fine Arts Administrator for multiple programs within Classic CutTime, you may want to start with a few pilot programs first and then have the rest of your programs move in a series of waves. 

  • Appoint a Next Generation Champion to pilot the migration process with us and help guide the rest of your staff
  • Leverage upcoming professional development days to dedicate time for migration tasks and/or plan scheduled support sessions with our team

Review and download our CutTime Migration Checklist:

School or Community K-12 Checklist Version Here

School Higher Ed Checklist Version Here

We encourage you to plan out your migration, and then preschedule your migration here.

Executing Your Migration

When your migration is scheduled to begin, you will receive two notifications from us:

  • New CutTime NextGeneration Account Admin User Credentials (click link to activate and log in)
  • That Your Classic Account Will Have 45 Days Until "Read-Only" Mode

View our detailed Classic Export and Next Generation Account Activation Guide for more information.

After you’ve completed your exports and user account set up, you should begin importing your program’s data from your Classic CutTime account, starting with Members and Guardians (Active Students and Adults). From there, you will create Ensembles, Assign Students, Ensure Guardians are correctly matched with their students, Set Starting Account Balances, and Enable Online Payments via Stripe Connect. You will also create relevant Announcements, Events, Volunteer Opportunities, and eSignature Documents. For Music Instrument Inventory, Attire/Uniforms and Music Library, refer to our guidelines for formatting as we will assist you with these specific data import tasks.

View our detailed Import from Classic CutTime and Next Generation Program Set Up Guide Here

Communicating Your Migration

We’ve prepared a series of Welcome to CutTime Kits with ready-made materials to help you communicate the move from your Classic CutTime account to the Next Generation system with your program stakeholders. 

Welcome to CutTime for Leaders Kits (COMING SOON)

These kits contain email announcement templates and distributable flyers with links to landing pages on our website where your authorized user leaders can learn more about CutTime, get answers to frequently asked questions, and access relevant resources.

Welcome to CutTime Kit for Teachers

Welcome to CutTime Kit for Booster Clubs

Welcome to CutTime Kit for Helpers

Welcome to CutTime for Members Kits

These kits contain email announcement templates and distributable flyers with links to landing pages on our website where your program members can learn more about CutTime, get answers to frequently asked questions, and access relevant resources.

Welcome to CutTime Kit for Parents-Guardians

Welcome to CutTime Kit for Students

Make Sure to Spread the Word About CutTime to your Members!

We also encourage you to update your program handbooks and website with information about the new CutTime and remove any old links or references to your previous CutTime account (on the website). We’ve prepared suggested wording that you can use for your website, eNewsletter, social media and handbooks along with graphic image banners in our CutTime Brand Kit. Inside, you will also find printable posters for classroom display and a set of presentation slides with a video that can be used for recruitment and orientation meetings with your members.

CutTime Brand Kit

If you have questions about any of the ready-made kit contents, please send an email to

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