Transferring Instruments

Requesting Instrument Transfers

As an Admin in a Cut Time Account, you may request an instrument that is currently managed by another program within your district.

  1. Go to the "Transfers" Module.
  2. Click the "Request an instrument" button.

  3. Select the Instrument Type from the dropdown menu. (For more information about Instrument Types and Subtypes, please consult our help document here)

  4. If you only need the item for a set amount of time, add the date to the Required Until field.
  5. Add any notes to this Instrument Transfer Request in the Description.
  6. Click "Create instrument request" to finalize your request.

From there, your request will either be declined or approved by a District Admin.

Fulfilling an Instrument Transfer Request

In order to assist another Admin with their Instrument Transfer Request, your account will need to have an available instrument in your account's inventory.

  1. Go to the "Transfers" Module.
  2. Scroll down to the District Instrument Requests section to view the Open Requests, or click through to See all incoming requests.

  3. Click on the "View Request" button next to a Transfer Request to see more details.
  4. If you do not have any inventory that would suit this request, you will see a message indicating so.

    But if you have a matching item, you will see the option to Offer Instrument.

  5. Click on this button to finalize your Offer, then click "Offer Instrument".

Accepting an Offered Instrument From Another Account

Once an Admin from another account has offered an instrument, you will be able to review what item they've offered before accepting.

  1. Go to the "Transfers" Module.
  2. Under Your Requests find the instrument transfer request you started to check the "Open Offers" Column. There will be a number listed if another account has agreed to transfer an instrument. Click "View Request".

  3. Scroll down to the Open Offers section and review what instrument has been offered. Then Accept or Decline the Offer.

  4. Now you will have to wait for your District Administrator to process this request.

Approving/Declining Instrument Transfers (District Admins)

If you are a District Admin, you have the ability to approve or decline Instrument Transfer Requests.

  1. Navigate to the District Level Account.

  2. Go to the Instrument Transfers Module.

  3. You will see any Active Instrument Transfers listed in the Transfers that Require Your Attention section.

  4. View the Instrument Transfer Request and then click "Transfer". Once it has been processed you will see this section clear out the Request.

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