Assigning Instruments

Assigning An Instrument

Go to the Instruments Module and search for an Item.

Open the Item and scroll down to the Assignment History section of the page.

Click on the "Assign Instrument" button and select the Member in the dropdown menu and the Return Due By date.

**NOTE: The dropdown list to assign instruments is taken directly from the "members" list. To add students to the "members" list from the "all students" list, add them to an ensemble. See this video for how to do that.

Click "Assign Instrument".

Choose the Guardian linked to the Student so that you can send the Instrument Rental Agreement to them. Or click "Add New Guardian" if there are no Guardians on file for that Student.

Click "Send Rental Agreement via SMS" or click cancel to ignore the rental agreement step. Clicking "cancel" here does not cancel the instrument assignment.

If you choose to send out the rental agreement, a link will be sent to the Guardian on file to sign.

The statements that begin with "I understand..." are customizable in your program settings under the "Edit Waiver Settings" page.

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