Subscribing to Individual Calendar

This help document is intended for guardian usage only. The purpose of this calendar link is for guardians to keep track of ONLY the events that apply to their student's activity. This does NOT sync to all the events in your program. For more information about generating a public calendar for your program, see the Public and District Events and Calendars help doc.

Note: How to add your program's calendar to your own calendar will depend on which calendar application you use.

Finding your program's calendar URL:

The calendar's address is found in your CutTime guardian dashboard.

  1. Click the Magic Link in your welcome text from your program's CutTime account to access your parent dashboard. Or, if you've bookmarked that page, navigate to the parent dashboard through that bookmark.
  2. Click Calendar Links:

  1. Click Copy next to the calendar URL so you can use this later.

Adding to iCloud Calendar (iPhone):

Click the link below and select your iOS version at the top left. Most iPhones use the highest number, but you can find yours on your iPhone by clicking Settings -> General -> About.

Follow the instructions to set up your calendar:,your%20server%20and%20account%20information.

Adding to Google Calendar:

Click the link below, scroll down to the heading "Use a link to add a public calendar," and follow the instructions:

Note: For Google Calendar, this process must be done on a desktop and cannot be done on a mobile device. Therefore, your calendar URL must be sent to your desktop somehow. Some options to do this include:

  1. Log in to your CutTime dashboard on your computer by typing your Magic Link URL into a web browser (or, if you have your Magic Link bookmarked, opening that bookmark on your browser)
  2. Send yourself an email or instant message with the calendar sync URL pasted into the body of the email
  3. Paste the calendar sync URL in a Google Document or other cloud-based storage file

Adding to Outlook Calendar:

Click the link below, scroll down to "Subscribe to a calendar," and follow the instructions:

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