Financial Statements

Electronic Statements

On the first of the month, CutTime automatically sends out an "automated account statement" to Guardians who still have a balance on their student's account.

Additionally, because of our "magic" link technology, every guardian in CutTime has easy access to their up-to-date financial statement in their dashboard.

  1. Guardians log in by clicking their magic link in any text from CutTime. (See Magic Link - Best Practices if they've lost their magic link.)
  2. They select the program they want to view.
  3. They can scroll past the recent announcements and events to see their current financial statement. Guardians can also make payments to their fees here if the program has enabled Online Payments.

Sample Announcement to Direct Attention to Statements:


Financial Statement


Scroll down past your events on your dashboard to see your up-to-date financial statement. We have updated all cash and check payments turned in to us on or before [cutoff date]. If you have any questions, please contact [person] at [email]!

Once they see the announcement, they can scroll down to see their financial statement:

They can also scroll further down to see all specific costs and previously logged payments on their account.

Printing a Program Member Statement

  1. Search for the member for whom you'd like to print the statement on your members page, and click their name to open their membership page.
  2. On the Program Membership Details page, type "ctrl + p" for PC or "cmd + p" for mac, and you will be prompted to print a financial statement for that member. For optimal formatting, you can change your print settings by clicking "More settings," and ensuring that your margins are set to "default."

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